girl swinging on tree into lake

To some degree, I’ve always been jealous of people who genuinely enjoy being in nature. This is a picture I took of two nature-enthusiast friends somewhere in the Australian countryside.

Frances was always climbing things, while I was being a wuss about potentially getting hurt in some way. And fearless Jasmine was about to jump into a lake that would’ve been way too dirty for me to want to touch, let alone dunk my head into.

My favourite part of our day trip was the picnic – sharing snacks and wine outdoors along with some great conversation.

I’ve never been a fan of camping, I don’t like the damp feeling of waking up in a tent full of condensation, or sleeping on a bumpy ground. Too much time spent in a forest makes me uneasy – what creatures might be lurking behind the trees?

Although as an adult I don’t often find myself in these situations because I generally choose how I spend my free time, I am still envious of these simple pleasures that I don’t share. But I find so much more comfort within walls and get such a better night’s sleep in a real bed!

Am I alone?

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