It’s cruel that things always seem to get better as they come closer to an end. Maybe when we are free from the chains of expectation we can finally be present and open, rather than waiting with our hands out, hoping to get something out of an interaction. 

After a year of superficial connections, I had my most memorable weekend in Korea. I joined a friend and a young band visiting from California, Vinyl Williams, on their short weekend tour.

I don’t know how to describe it but a pure adventure, that high feeling of new people, being understood, foreign places. Even mundane things like a taxi ride or waiting for the food to arrive felt good.

On Monday morning I took the train back to Suji, where I was living, without having slept the previous night. Straight into my kindergarten classroom I went, my state of slight delirium allowing me to finally take part in the kids’ silliness. It’s these types of experiences that make you wonder, should I really be leaving? 

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