PONTEVEDRA, SPAIN: Hey, thanks for stopping by!


The thought of having a travel blog has crossed my mind at many points in my life, but it always seemed like too much pressure, difficult to keep up, a daunting task. What a shame, I’d think, having all of these photos and memories but never really documenting them. 

A little while ago, an idea came to me: I am going to start a blog of travel memories (and some present day reflections). It will be mainly visual, and the photos will usually be accompanied by short anecdotes. And just like memories aren’t stored in our brains in order and are accessed randomly, these will not be posted chronologically. 

None of the photos have been taken with a professional camera, the older ones were taken with a Canon point and shoot and the newer with an iPhone 4 or 6S. They are all edited in Lightroom. But I do believe that simply seeing a place through the eyes of a visitor can sometimes be enough to capture some of its essence, beauty and intrigue. 

Keeping checking in!

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